Computer Devices

COVID-19 has taken ahold of conversations, thoughts, and emotions of people around the world.  With the first diagnosed case in Maine, COVID-19 has also become a reality for us as well.  

RSU #57 is finalizing plans for how we will conduct business if we must close our buildings.  If students are required to stay home, we must be ready to coordinate all aspects of learning without having the luxury of being in the same room.

We have made a commitment as a district to using technology each day to enhance learning and make learning more efficient.  This past work gives us the advantage of having the tools necessary to respond relatively quickly.  

The information that we do not have is what technology is available in a student's home so that we can make plans for families that have challenges getting online.

We ask that every family complete the survey linked below.  Results will not be shared.  The survey will also be available in paper form.  We will ask schools to make the paper forms available to any family that makes the request.

Thank you for your participation.  Your responses will help us provide you with what your child will need to participate in class activities.

Survey Link