Multiage Learning Structures

During the 2023-24 school year, we will introduce a new model to our school structure in order to best support your child’s academic and social/emotional growth moving forward at Shapleigh Memorial School.  We will move to a multiage classroom structure for our Kindergarten through third grade learners.

Similar to a middle school model, children will be assigned to a daily homeroom teacher and 3 instructional blocks: reading, math, and writing/science/social studies.  Each teacher on the grade level team will be assigned to one of the instructional areas and responsible for teaching all the children in their grade spans.  Children will start in their homeroom classes each day and then rotate between the three classrooms to receive their instruction. 

This new structure will allow us to: 

  • have smaller and more balanced class sizes, 
  • provide learners with more opportunities to connect with different staff and students each year, 
  • provide more personalized learning in all academic areas to each child, and
  • provide natural movement breaks into the daily schedule.

We are very excited about this change and look forward to the upcoming opportunities this will provide for our students.  Please see the Quick Guide to Multiage Learning Resource or contact the school for more information.