Dear RSU #57 Community (Mustang Nation),

As we all continue to adapt to the changes in our everyday lives, which were unimaginable just a few months ago, I hope you are in good health. This week Governor Mills extended Maine’s stay-at-home order through May 31, 2020. The order outlines a phased approach to reopening the State that may take the summer to see completion. These steps set limitations on gatherings and will have an impact on our end of year activities at any point during these steps.

On Wednesday, April 29th, the Board of Directors voted to end the student school year on Friday, June 5, 2020. From this point on, our staff will prepare for the end of school year as we would in a typical year. Their focus will include delivering on standards that are foundational to a successful start to a new year in the fall, and revisiting skills to help reduce the summer regression.  If you need assistance in managing this for your children, I ask that you contact your teacher(s) and building principal for assistance. Many of you have done this and I hope that you were able to find an effective balance for your situation.

We recognize that these conditions continue to reveal many challenges and disappointments for our students and families. Although end of year events will not convene as we expected, we are committed to find a way to celebrate these important events for you and your children.  You will be hearing from your building principal on plans and ideas  for these events in the upcoming weeks. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout all of this.

School Board News

The 2020-2021 School Budget has come out of the Finance Committee and is at the Board Level for consideration.

The School Board met on 4/29/2020 and voted the last student day to be June 5, 2020.  Staff are expected to work or be available to work through the completion of their contract or employment agreement.


School Nutrition

Today is School Lunch Hero Day and this year we are especially appreciative of the work our Nutrition, Custodial and Transportation Teams have done.  Please take a few moments to watch the RSU #57 District video at:

This is a link to a Maine DOE video in which RSU #57 employees are also featured:

6th Grade Band

If you missed the 6th grade band signup notice in earlier notices from your school, there is still time to do so. Please use this link:

Summer Projects 

Spring is upon us and the RSU is gearing up for its summer projects.  The custodial staff are planning for a very thorough deep cleaning of all facilities in the District this spring and summer.  There is also work being planned for customary annual projects such as roofing.  In addition the School Board has approved Phase II (the final phase) of the Waterboro Elementary School paving and septic improvements which will complete this important project before the start of school in the fall. 


Recently,  teachers coordinated staff parades through their towns to let students know how much they care and miss them. Staff members decorated their vehicles with messages of hope and love. It was an amazing experience for all involved and there are plans in place for other parades in the district. Below are links to two recent parades. Enjoy!





Need Wifi?

Please remember that town libraries and schools have open wifi networks for you to use.  Simply park outside the building and connect to the network.  Each school uses a network titled Massabesic.  The Massabesic network has no password. All filters used in the school day are still active.

Weekly Restart

Please be certain to restart your device at least once a week.  A computer picks up and uses tiny bits of information when it is in use, whether it is reaching out to the world on the Internet or creating a story directly on your device.  The information that the device picks up and uses is stored on the computer until that information is cleared. Choosing ‘shut down’ or ‘restart’ clears the information.

Device Return

We are making plans for collecting devices after school ends this year.  We are collecting all devices (PK-12) with the exception of high school classes that will be requiring the use of devices over the summer. This typically includes AP classes.  More information will come out in the coming weeks.

Stay Safe and Well,

Larry Malone