Shapleigh Memorial School

467 Shapleigh Corner Rd.

Shapleigh, Maine 04076

Phone: (207) 636-1751

Fax: (207) 636-2980

Principal: Timothy Stinson

Assistant Principal: Marisa Penney


Office: 8am - 4pm

School: 8:45am - 3:05pm

Channel 8 Visit

Andrew Volkay had the opportunity to ask Chief Meteorologist, Roger Griswold, his weather related question about satellites.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday November 16, 2017

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PreK Exploration

PreK Stone Soup.m4v

Our PreK did a lesson all about the importance of sharing today after reading Stone Soup by Jon J Muth.

With Mrs. Boemmels, they went outside and collected things from nature. After exploring and collecting, students sorted and counted their object. Together they created their own pretend Stone Soup with all of the items they found!

Students in Ms. Wintle's class joined Mrs. Boemmels in the MakerSpace! After watching Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins, students were split up into small teams where they were given a certain material. Each team was asked to build a gate for Pete's five little pumpkins.

Before students began their activity, we talked about working together as a team, frustration and what that looks like and using problem solving and effort to help with any frustrations.

To the left, this group of students used K'Nex to make their gate!

This group of students used Legos to create their gate and did an awesome job of communication with one another!

This group worked with unifix cubes to make their gate and added lots of pumpkins!

Using Fiddlesticks, this group created a long gate for their pumpkins and worked hard even when their gate toppled over!

This group created a very intricate gate using SmartMax Magnetic pieces!

With some extra time after creating the gates for Pete's pumpkins, each student was given the chance to work individually with Legos to create a fall time object. Some of those objects included scarecrows, apples, pumpkins, spiders, candy corn etc.

To the right, Gavin created a scarecrow!

Ava made a bird!

Harper made a cat!

Above, both Connor and Nickolas were working on creating tractors!

Kelsey created a flying cat!

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