Career Connections

Career Connections Video

We are continuing our Career Connections Opportunity approximately once a month this year. The purpose is to link what we do to a possible career for students. We would like to extend an invitation to the community to be a presenter.  Just call the Shapleigh Memorial School office if you are interested.

The criteria for a presentation would be the following:

        1. Must be connected to a career (may be your hobby or passion – we will link it to a career!)

        2. Must commit to the time and date

        3. Must be engaging for learners age 5-12 (15 minute instruction, 30 minute hands on, 15 minute wrap up/clean up)

        4. Must submit background check each Fall. 

If you, or anyone you know, would like to participate at the Shapleigh Memorial School in this exciting venture, please contact the office.

Thank you in advance for helping our children learn about exciting careers, and connecting community members to our school family.


Shapleigh Memorial Staff

Career Connections

Fireman Bootcamp

Every time someone walked in, we were supposed to say, "fire fighter recruit!" We did push ups.  It was fun!

We were lifting tent poles to work as a team. If you were in a fire and have to get a person out of a building
, you would have to work together to carry them level.

Garden Club

The kids are helping plant a garden.  They are planting different plants.

Ande (right) and Sarah (left) are helping with the garden.

Cupcake Decorating

Students are making delicious cupcakes.


Eliza is learning to knit.  She said, "Yikes! I didn't do very good!"  We think she did a great job.

Forest Ranger

We loved the Game Warden career connection. We saw the truck and heard the siren. If we ever see a lighter on the ground, tell an adult!


She is looking great!

Hair dresser: What a career!


Technology 3D Modeling

They are learning how to make 3D models on the computer.

York County EMA

This is a big truck!  It looks like a Tonka truck.  It helps the workers at York County EMA when there is an emergency.


They are having fun playing flag football with Coach Morin.

Dylan is ready to run a drill.